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Five Reasons to Buy a Used Truck

  1. Trucks are great for winter weather, optional four-wheel drive makes easy work of inclement weather conditions.
  2. Used trucks are great for outdoorsmen, hunters, and boaters. A large bed makes it easy to transport gear and towing capacity makes it easy to get your favorite toy to the water.
  3. A used pickup truck costs less than a new truck because it has already taken the largest depreciation hit.
  4. Used trucks are great for work trucks because they have already seen mileage you are less likely to worry about bumps and scrapes of the job site.
  5. Used trucks are easier on your…
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Winter Is Coming; Make Sure to Have Your Car Serviced!


From drained batteries to freezing engines to frosted windshields, winter can wreak havoc on your car and your commute. That's especially true if you live in coastal locations like Providence or Westport. Still, winter can be just as harsh in areas that aren't too far from the coast like Taunton. No matter where you're from when the snow starts falling, roads start freezing, and temperatures start dropping, it is very important to make sure that your car is in proper working order. Better yet - beat the cold and have your vehicle serviced in advance!


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Find Used Luxury Cars for Less From Prestige Auto Mart


Do you know how much the average new car costs these days? According to Kelley Blue Book, the answer is nearly $34,000. Know how much the average price of a new entry-level luxury vehicle is? $40,000. And then, if you're looking to buy a new flagship luxury vehicle, you can expect to drop over $100,000. In between those two ends of the spectrum are new midsize luxury cars, which sell for roughly $55,000, on average.

Here at Prestige Auto Mart, you can save thousands of dollars by choosing a pre-owned luxury vehicle...

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Browse Our Expansive Online Pre-Owned Inventory at Prestige Auto Mart


"A better way to buy a car!" - that's our motto here at Prestige Auto Mart, and for good reason. Serving Westport, MA, Taunton, MA, and E. Providence, RI as well as the surrounding areas, we offer Massachusetts and Rhode Island drivers vehicles from a vast array of makes and models. You'll find cars from names like BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Jeep, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen - just to name a few - in our comprehensive pre-owned vehicle inventory...


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Used Hybrid Vehicles at Prestige Auto Mart!

Whether it's around town driving, back and forth from the city or long highway trips, if you're looking to save money on all your commutes, there's no better way to do so than with a pre-owned hybrid vehicle! Here at Prestige Auto Mart, we're proud to offer a wonderful assortment of hybrid cars and SUVs throughout our three locations in Taunton, MA; Westport, MA and East Providence, RI, making it easy for anyone in need to find and afford the gently used hybrid vehicle that's right for them!


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Gear Up for Winter With an All-Wheel Drive Car or SUV at Prestige Auto Mart!

Here in Southern Massachusetts and all over Rhode Island, it's important to drive a vehicle that you can trust regardless of what the weather outside is like. Here at our three Prestige Auto Mart Locations in Westport, MA; Taunton, MA and East Providence, RI, we're happy to offer a wide selection of all-wheel drive cars and SUVs to choose from, allowing you to conquer poor weather driving and the roughest terrain with ease!


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Commercial Vans at Prestige Auto Mart in Westport, Taunton and East Providence, RI

Is your business in need of a reliable work van to bring all of your equipment on the road with you more efficiently? Here at Prestige Auto Mart, we're proud to offer a wide selection of used commercial vans to drivers all over Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island throughout three locations in Westport, MA; Taunton, MA and East Providence, RI! We offer a wide selection of commercial vans from automakers like Ford, Nissan, Ram and more, allowing you to compare and contrast your options and choose the van that best fits you and your business's needs!


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Your Search for a Used Hyundai Car or SUV in Westport Ends Here at Prestige Auto Mart

You're on the trail of a mode of transport to take you out of the Fall River area to parts and adventures unknown. Perhaps you're in the New Bedford area looking for a used coupe or sedan with the under-hood drive to make a road trip a matter of course and spacious interior to keep you and yours comfortable for the duration. You've even taken a look at your luxury sedan options around Dartmouth and environs. Or maybe you're just planning to head off-grid out of Weyham or nearby Fairhaven and looking for a pre-owned SUV…

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Among Used Vehicles in Westport, MA, the Honda Brand Remains a Standout

Honda is an automaker long known for its commitment to producing vehicles of reliable durability and forward-thinking design. Here at Prestige Auto Mart, the fruits of its labor remain on prominent display among the competition. That's whether you're strolling the offerings in our lineup of pre-owned Honda coupes and sedans, evincing both space-efficiency and dynamic driving fun, or the array of pre-owned Honda SUVs we make available, showcasing a combination of impeccable off-road capabilities and technological advancements.

Drivers stopping by from Fall River or...

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