Bad Credit Financing at Prestige Auto Mart

When it comes to getting behind the wheel of your dream car, we don't think anything should stand in the way--not even bad credit. That's why we are a top destination for Buy Here Pay Here Auto Financing - we'll get you into a great new vehicle, even if you don't have a dime down payment.

Life happens and sometimes your credit may falter temporarily--we get it. At Prestige Auto Mart, our team of experienced finance representatives will sit with you and work with our financial partners to find a deal and payment plan that is mutually beneficial. We do this in the following way:

Step #1: Assess Your Credit Standing

The first step in the financing process, is to go over your credit history and see what options you may qualify for. Your credit standing is an amalgamation of the loans and payments you've made through different accounts for rent, cell phone bills, credit cards, and more.

Other dealerships may restrict financing to only high-credit customers, but at Prestige Auto Mart, we believe everyone should have access to quality vehicles no matter their history.

Step #2: A Better Way to Buy A Car

Our number one priority in your car buying process is that you are comfortable with the terms, and that everything is convenient for you.

In this spirit, we do our best to get our customers assured an instant loan onsite (regardless of their situation). We leverage relationships with over 30 credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions to help you even if you have no credit, bankruptcies, inconsistent income, and student loans.

Step #3: Buy Here, Pay Here

Customers who are particularly concerned with their financial situation, are encouraged to take part in our Buy Here, Pay Here program. Our team will work hard to find competitive rates you can afford and can even set up payment plans through Transunion and Experian that will help you to rebuild your score and prove your creditworthiness. Some of these plans even come with interest rates as low as 2.9% and zero down on the vehicle. That's right! We believe it’s a crime to pay more than a dime!

To take part in the Buy Here, Pay Here program, come equipped to your visit in our finance center with a drivers license, references, insurance cards, proof of residence, and the title of your current vehicle for trade, and we will put everything together for you.


Our employees work hard to keep the financing process as straightforward and efficient as possible. We also work hard to make sure our customers have all the resources at hand to better understand their own situations and make more informed decisions.

If you have questions at any time, however, please don't hesitate to give our team a call and we will put you in touch with someone who can help.

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