From drained batteries to freezing engines to frosted windshields, winter can wreak havoc on your car and your commute. That's especially true if you live in coastal locations like Providence or Westport. Still, winter can be just as harsh in areas that aren't too far from the coast like Taunton. No matter where you're from when the snow starts falling, roads start freezing, and temperatures start dropping, it is very important to make sure that your car is in proper working order. Better yet - beat the cold and have your vehicle serviced in advance!

Trust Us for Your Winter Car Care Needs!

Here at the Prestige Auto Mart service center, we want to provide you with all the seasonal service you need. We'll check your tires to ensure you don't have low pressure, and replace them if they're worn. Looking for winter tires? We're happy to install them for you. Other services we're happy to provide include oil changes, coolant checks, and even relatively more simple things like winter washer fluid top-offs.

Have Your Defroster and Climate Control System Checked

Do you know if your heater and defroster/defogger are working correctly? Heat is, quite obviously, important during the wintertime, if only to keep you and your loved ones warm. But heat and other systems like the defogger also make sure that you have proper visibility when driving by ensuring that ice and snow don't freeze on your windows and excess moisture doesn't prevent you from being able to safely drive. If you think your HVAC system or defroster may not be working right, we're happy to look into that for you here at the Prestige Auto Mart Service Center.

Contact Us To Schedule Winter Service Today

If you'd like to schedule service with us, feel free to contact us online. Or contact us at one of our locations by phone:


  • WESTPORT, MA LOCATION : (800) 400-6124
  • TAUNTON, MA LOCATION: (800) 409-8318
  • E. PROVIDENCE, RI LOCATION: (800) 407-1252


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